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Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Module 1- Ulrica Norberg fre 31/3 2017 kl. 09

Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Module 1- Ulrica Norberg fre 31/3 2017 kl. 09

ISHTA yin yoga is a more individual approach on yin yoga, stemming back more to its authentic roots from “Raj asanas” /meditative asana explored in the Hathayoga unnamed-2Pradipika and also merging back from the initial science from yoga on how to target tension via working from the fascia to the muscle, from the subtle to the physical. This way, it is yin working towards yang. In ISHTA yin yoga we see the yin practice as a great complementary practice to any “yang” oriented practice, as preparation for meditation and as a great way of balancing the inner and outer aspects of living.

This training led by ISHTA senior teacher and Yogiraj Ulrica Norberg (ISHTA’s Scandinavian director) will explore asana from the yinside, by way of the subtle connection between body and mind.

Ulrica is an academic with a masters degree in Film and Journalism and also studies in Indiology, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Literature, Rhetorics and Psychology. Due to her passionated interest of the human psychology and anatomy, she is trained in anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and has studied Eastern philosophical theories and therapies like Tao, Zen, Tantra and TM . She is schooled in many yoga styles and lineages and she deeply honor her studies with modern yin yoga forefathers and mothers like Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Paulie Zink. Using an approach rooted in Ayurveda, Tantra, and ISHTA kriya techniques, this training will give you the tools to integrate the lunar quality of Hatha Yoga into your practice and your teaching. In additional to leaving you refreshed and relaxed, this program will give you the tools to find the yinside on your own and to share it with others.

Ulrica Norberg is YACEP; a qualified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, so this training will grant you the hours towards your continuing education. Certificates of completion for this program will be issued to those who have successfully completed the written assignment and attended all hours of the course, as applicable.


Vi erbjuder dig som redan utbildad yogalärare eller dig som är en dedikerad yogautövare, fördjupningsmöjligheter till vidare integration av ISHTA yogas tekniker.

Yinyoga är ett begrepp inom hathayoga som innefattar program/positioner man gör med syfte att öka cirkulation i ett visst område, med mål att öppna upp i bindväven runt muskeln och stärka kroppens meridiansystem. Yin står här för vår bindväv i opposition till Yang som står för muskelvävnad.

Denna utbildning är unik då du inte bara får en djup kurs i yinyoga utan även lära dig anpassad anatomi och biomekanik och fysiologi samt fördjupa dig vad fascia är, hur den fungerar samt hur du anpassar yinyoga för olika behov. I denna utbildning inflätas även individuell anpassning med ett Ayurveda tema samt inkluderande av kriyas, visualiseringar som hjälper sinnet till ro samt tekniker för att inte kompromissa rygg, nacke eller höftobalanser, tekniker hämtade från ISHTA yoga traditionen (ISHTA=Integrated science of Hatha, Tantra och Ayurveda).


Hela utbildningen omfattar 50 h som oftast delas upp i två moduler, Modul 1 och Modul 2.

Den aktuella utbildningen nedan utgör enbart Modul 1, där fokus ligger på bygga din egen yogapraktik.

MODUL 1: ISHTA yin yogas grunder. Anatomy, The art of ISHTA yinpractice, Individual aspects on a yinyoga practice, Energetic alignment, Subtle and physical anatomy, Pranayama and kriyas, Aspects on teaching ISHTA yinyoga, adaptations.

Time & Date: Friday 31st of March, Saturday 1st of April and Sunday 2nd of April

(detailed schedule coming soon)

Price: 5800 kr for 1 Module (Early Bird 5500 SEK: Register and pay before 31/1 2017 to receive the discounted price.)

Registration: Fill out the form below to register for Module 1 of this teacher training.

Teacher: Ulrica Norberg

Please note that this teacher training will be held in English.

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fre 31/3 2017 kl. 09 — sön 2/4 2017 kl. 18

Raja Yoga Lund