VIS goes ESN Sea Battle VT18 mån 16/4 kl. 08

VIS goes ESN Sea Battle VT18 mån 16/4 kl. 08

*UPDATE* The sales will CLOSE Thursday, 15/03!

So make sure that you get your tickets :)

Join our INFO SESSION! Info Session: VIS goes ESN Sea Battle (14/03)


Heeeeeello everybody :)

This semester it's time for the 25th edition of the ESN Sea Battle! And of course, VIS is going to be a part of it!

To get your Sea Battle ticket and to get more information about the event, please check out the official event: ESN Sea Battle Spring 2018 - 25th Edition

This event is just there to coordinate the participants from Växjö, announce important information, and give you the possibility to buy a bus ticket very cheaply to travel together with all other crazy VIS people to Stockholm and get hyped for Sea Battle on the way ;) (of course we will also provide a bus for the way back).

The ticket booking system for Sea Battle was changed this semester. When signing up the system will ask you for your section. Please put ESN Växjö there (yes, that's the official name of VIS :D ) so that we can coordinate the local participants from here. And enter your ESNcard number to get the discount!

This time, you can only buy the regular tickets for Sea Battle in the system, so the bus transportation from Växjö and back is NOT included yet! We'll ensure bus transportation from Växjö to Stockholm on the 16th of April (so for the regular Sea Battle date, not the pre-event, as outcome of your votings) and back on the 18th of April.

Therefore, we will be selling tickets for the busses to make you save lots of money. Also, it's a really nice experience to travel with all participants from our section together :D More information about the bus tickets will be published soon.

There will be two different kinds of tickets that you can get:

1. The regular Sea Battle ticket from 16th to 18th of April

Ticket prices:

4 person single ticket (a bed in a 4 person cabin) 850SEK (with ESNcard discount) / 950SEK (without ESNcard); whole cabin 3200SEK (with ESNcard discount) / 3600SEK (without ESNcard)

2 person: single ticket (a bed in a 2 person cabin) 900SEK (with ESNcard discount) / 1000SEK (without ESNcard); whole cabin 1700SEK (with ESNcard discount) / 1900SEK (without ESNcard)

2. Additionally you can participate in the pre event, which will take place on the 15th of April. At the pre event there will be some fun activities, a party, and a hostel included.

Pre event price : 420SEK (optional)

You can find more information in the official pre event Pre-Event ESN Sea Battle Spring 2018

3. You can additionally participate in a city tour during our day in Riga:

City tour in Riga: 50 SEK (optional)

Please book your tickets starting from Stockholm and not from Riga!

ESN Sea Battle aftermovie from last semester: (VIS AFTERMOVIE) (GENERAL)

Pictures of last semester:

Event info

mån 16/4 2018 kl. 08 — ons 18/4 2018 kl. 16

Växjö International Students (VIS)