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UPF Lecture / Brazilian Backlash tor 4/5 2017 kl. 19

UPF Lecture / Brazilian Backlash tor 4/5 2017 kl. 19

UPF Lecture / Brazilian Backlash / Henrik Brandão Jönsson

A couple of years ago, Brazil was on the way to become the fifth largest economy in the world. The World Cup was around the corner, offshore were huge oil reserves and the first Olympic Games ever to be held in South America were to take place in Rio de Janeiro. However, despite the seemingly many successes, the country encountered challenges along the way that eventually led to a financial backlash. Today, Brazil is going through the worst depression since the 1930s. What happened, and most importantly, what is happening today in the country?

The authour and journalist Henrik Brandão Jönsson has worked as Dagens Nyheter's correspondent in Latin America since 2002. He currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, and besides working for DN, he also writes regulary for Svenska Dagbladet and Politiken. Throughout his long career, Henrik has proven great journalistic work. His first reportage book 'Fantasy Island - Brave New Heart of Brazil' was published in 2010 and portrayed life in the city Brasília. His documentary 'A Royal Nazi Secret' received the nominations from the Swedish Grand Journalistic Award and Guldspaden, and has been awared with several prestigious prizes. With a long experience of politics, economics and culture in Brazil, he will give you a great insight in the current situation in the country.


The lecture will start at 19.00 and you are welcome to join us in Athen, AF Borgen for a pre-mingle from 18.30

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tor 4/5 2017 kl. 19 — 20:30

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