Satanic Swing - 13/1 - Live: Badge lör 13/1 kl. 00

Satanic Swing - 13/1 - Live: Badge lör 13/1 kl. 00

Sthlm´s decadent and glamorous oasis ruled by Hubbe8ball & Cat Casino. The forum for darkness to steal souls regardless age and style in this castle of glitter, blasphemy and sin. Satanic Swing is HBTQ friendly and respects everybody who wants to have a diabolic ride.

Your portal to Stockholm's amazing dark nights.

Live: Bagde

Driven by a love for pre-war blues & their ambition to create new & powerful music, guitarist/singer Matti Norlin and drummer Fredrik Haake formed Badge in 2002.

Since then Badge has released 3 albums -- 2010's Kill Another Fuzz, 2013's If I Could Love I'd Love This, and now their latest: If It Hurts It Must Be Good.

From the beginning, Badge has broken new ground. Their energy, inventiveness, and groove are prodigious, but always brought to bear in service to the songs.

Badge conveys the strangeness and power that the blues originally had -- their music hits straight to the gut. Though Badge began by playing old blues tunes, they've never settled for thinking of themselves as a "blues band" -- they bring all their varied influences and combined musical experience to bear.

Dj´s: Hubbe8ball & Cat Casino

Age limit: 18 years

Entry: 80:-

Opning hours: 22:00-03:00.

The band plays at: Midnight

Harry B James

Kungsträdgården 6

08-21 86 00

Welcome to the dark side.

Hubbe8ball & Cat Casino

Event info

lör 13/1 2018 kl. 00 — sön 14/1 2018 kl. 00

Harry B James