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Pilot Aptitude Test lör 12/8 2017 kl. 08

Pilot Aptitude Test lör 12/8 2017 kl. 08

An approved Pilot Aptitude Test (PAT) is the first step towards becoming a pilot

A Pilot Apitude Test measures your:

- Logical capacity

- Perceptual capacity (accuracy and speed)

- Spatiality (perception)

- Memory capacity

- Technical/mechanical understanding

- Simultantaneous capacity

- Resiliance

- Mental arithmetic

At SAA we offer this test to a reduced price. The test will be divided into two parts. The first part is computer based and costs 750 SEK. If you pass the first part of the test you can do the second part which will be an additional 4400 SEK. The fee for the second part of the test will be returned in form of a reduced application fee if you are accepted to Professional Pilot Program or First Officer Program.

You'll find more information about the test on our website - where you can also download our guide on how to best prepare:

Event info

lör 12/8 2017 kl. 08 — 14

Scandinavian Aviation Academy