Join a Swedish Kräftskiva tor 31/8 2017 kl. 18

Join a Swedish Kräftskiva tor 31/8 2017 kl. 18

Experience the late summer festival - the Swedish kräftskiva!

1.950SEK per person

(minimum 3 persons a bookning)

The Swedish "kräftskiva" is a magical evening tour on our comfortable raft with a genuine Swedish crayfish feast! You will be served a dinner with crayfish, shrimp and all the necessary accessories that is included in a typical kräftskiva.

The kräftskive season is in August and September. We will board the comfortable raft and head out into the creek as the sun starts to set. You will be served crayfish boiled with dill and shrimps together with bread, mayo, Västerbotten pie (typical Swedish cheese pie) and of course Swedish seasoned vodka and beer. Traditional drinking songs and other folk songs will be sung during the dinner.

As the evening gets darker we will light lanterns on the raft and slowly glide along hopefully spotting a beaver or two.

You will be able to go for a midnight swim in the warm waters before the festive evening getting closer to the end.

The kräftskiva can be combined with accommodation at Schenströmska manor or B&B as well as transportation to and from hotel/train station/ airport

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Any questions, contact Malin: 0709-264860 or

Swedish kräftskiva: 1.950SEK per person

(minimum 3 persins a bookning)

When booking a group of 8 or more, you only pay for 8 persons. The raft takes about 10 persons

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tor 31/8 2017 kl. 18 — 21

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