Architecture Cycle Tour lör 1/7 2017 kl. 09

Architecture Cycle Tour lör 1/7 2017 kl. 09

Exploring Architecture & Cities by Bicycle:

As a passionate explorer of architecture and cyclist, it is time to connect both and to invite you! After a long and cold winter, it is time to cycle from Sweden to the Netherlands. During this travel, different cities and architectures will be explored by bike and by foot. I am the main tour guide during the travel. Some city tours will be given by architects or professional city guides. On the way, we will in particular stop to explore Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Rotterdam. All the cities we will visit:

Cycle Gothenburg - Varberg | ca. 85 km | Day 1

Cycle Varberg - Halmstad | ca. 85 km | Day 2

Cycle Halmstad - Malmö | ca. 140 km | Day 3

Cycle Malmö - Copenhagen | ca. 40 km incl. train | Day 4

Cycle Copenhagen - Rødby | ca. 150 km | Day 5

Cycle Rødby - Lübeck | ca. 126 km incl. ferry | Day 6

Cycle Lübeck - Hamburg | ca. 65 km | Day 7 and 8

Cycle Hamburg - Bremen | ca. 112 km | Day 9

Cycle Bremen - Osnabrück | ca. 150 km | Day 10

Cycle Osnabrück - Deventer | ca. 140 km | Day 11

Cycle Deventer - Utrecht | ca. 80 km | Day 12

Cycle Utrecht - Rotterdam | ca. 60 km | Day 13 and 14

[Total distance Gothenburg to Rotterdam: ca. 1.233km]

We will stop in the different places as listed above. There is a maximum of 15 participants. If you want to join in another city than Gothenburg, you can join the Architecture Cycle Tour for a lower price. Please write to ask for the details.

Early bird price [until March]: €50/ 500 SEK*

Regular price: €70/ 700 SEK*

*Accommodation, the train and ferry are not included in the price.

You are welcome to sign up for the journey via the link:


In the last eight years I have been travelling more than 40 times by train between the Netherlands and Sweden. Stops in different cities gave me enriching experiences. Here, I have been part of guided city tours with a focus on architecture and urban development. Connecting this with my passion for cycling [I cycled more then 40.000km in the last 15 years] and the interest to share travel experiences, I welcome you to “Architecture Cycle Tour”.

Event info

lör 1/7 2017 kl. 09 — fre 14/7 2017 kl. 18

Roof Studio Sweden